The purpose of Lok -Katha is to understand and interpret the contemporary views on growth and development from the perspective of the under-privileged and to orient the new generation of learners towards issues that often remain unspoken. Lok-Katha is a phrase consisting of two Indian words such as 'LOK' or the people and 'KATHA' or the story. 

Lok-Katha is conceived  as a forum to represent these voices in many ways. The primary purpose is to demystify the policies of the governments both in India and at the international level from the perspectives of those who remain silent in most of the policy dialogues. More so, the effort is to reproduce and promote  the views of the common people in their very own ways. All the domains under the jurisdiction of Lok -Katha try to put things into perspective with the help of available credible information and interpret them from the perspective of the poor and the marginalized. Following are the domains or websites under the jurisdiction of Lok-Katha


LOKKATHA Debate on Development-Voice of the Masses

Read, Write and Publish your views on Development


LOKKATHA Writers Programme

Learning 'Writing for the Web'


LOKKATHA Free Press Release Submission

Submit a free Press Release


LOKKATHA -Exams and Tutorials

Free UGC NET JRF Practice sets and preparation for other examinations


JSDC: ISSN No. 2348-7038

Since April 2014, LOKKATHA also publishes a peer reviewed multidisciplinary academic series titled Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change (JSDC). Research based papers, articles and reviews on issues of society, economic development, scientific temperament and their dynamics are welcome. The papers, articles and reviews may cover any of the subject areas /disciplines including Anthropology, Area Studies, Art and Culture, Business, Economics, finance and commerce, Geography, Geology, International Relations, Literature and Society, Media and Communication, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Studies in Natural Sciences and medical research as long as these studies are linked to human welfare in a direct way.



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